FROES E ABDON LTDA is one of the major  Exporters of Grade A Frozen Chicken parts which include  chicken feet, chicken paws , Halal whole chicken , Boneless Whole Chicken Griller (Shawarma), chicken wings , chicken leg quarter , Frozen chicken . 2 jointed wings ,Chicken drumstick , Chicken breast ,  Approved SIF plants from  BRF SADIA / PERDIGÃO / PERDIX / BATAVO / QUALY / ELEGE / OR Preferred Customer's Brand to China, UAE , Hong Kong ,Egypt and other countries 

Certification: HALAL, FDA, HACCP, ISO

Approved SIF# Plants: 1, 18, 87, 103, 716, 2014

frozen chicken gizzard
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frozen boneless chicken breast
frozen chicken drumstick
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Frozen chicken paws
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frozen chicken joint mid wings
wholesale Frozen
Chicken Paws
Wholesale frozen chicken feets
frozen chicken wings for sale
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wholesale frozen chicken leg quarter
 Boneless Skinless 
    Whole Chicken


Halal Certified Chicken Parts Exporters from Brazil , We supply to more than 20 countries and  the best Price and A grade Only , order from our website

Main Markets for Chicken parts supply

- China


-Saudi Arabia





               Dedicated Service

Brazil Frozen Chicken cuts is on the tables of consumers in more than 150 countries, in 5 continents. We are the largest exporter of halal frozen chickens since 2004 and contribute towards food safety. High quality feeds are fundamental for our healthy chicken. Our specialist develop balanced recipes for chickens of varying ages containing the full ranges of vitamins, micro-elements and other nutrients. We feed our Chickens with Corn, Wheat, Sunflower, rapeseed and pure water

            Quality Standards
Brazil chicken Exporters have introduces integrated food safety management systems, which adhere to the highest international standards. BRC certifications guarantees standardisation of quality safety and operational procedures of our enterprises to ensure the best poultry. Production of Brazilian Chickens is a fully integrated process. This means that we implement quality control at every stage of production.

The Company Slaughters poultry according to Islamic Laws under the permanent control and supervision of representatives of the HALAL Certification and Research centre Adherence to Halal standards prevents any possible contamination or accumulation of harmful substances in chicken meat. This Makes are Chicken suitable for consumption by Muslims and Guarantees the highest quality and safety of our products

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购买冷冻鸡脚, 买鸡中翼, 购买冷冻鸡翅, 批发鸡爪,鸡关节中翼, 

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