FROES E ABDON LTDA is one of the major  Exporters of Grade A Frozen Chicken parts which include  chicken feet, chicken paws , Halal whole chicken , Boneless Whole Chicken Griller (Shawarma), chicken wings , chicken leg quarter , Frozen chicken . 2 jointed wings ,Chicken drumstick , Chicken breast ,  Approved SIF plants from  BRF SADIA / PERDIGÃO / PERDIX / BATAVO / QUALY / ELEGE / OR Preferred Customer's Brand to China, UAE , Hong Kong ,Egypt and other countries 

Certification: HALAL, FDA, HACCP, ISO

Approved SIF# Plants: 1, 18, 87, 103, 716, 2014

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frozen boneless chicken breast
frozen chicken drumstick
wholesale Frozen
Chicken Paws
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Frozen chicken paws
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frozen chicken joint mid wings
Wholesale frozen chicken feets
frozen chicken wings for sale
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wholesale frozen chicken leg quarter
 Boneless Skinless 
    Whole Chicken


Halal Certified Chicken Parts Exporters from Brazil , We supply to more than 20 countries and  the best Price and A grade Only , order from our website www.buyfrozenchicken.com

Main Markets for Chicken parts supply

- China


-Saudi Arabia





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