We offer A grade Chicken feet (long paws) 




no smell,

same as on the pictures,

12-15 cm long,

average weight of each chicken foot is 40-50 gram.


The only term is MOQ  - 27 ton (minimum order quantity is a 40' refcontainer).


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We regularly ship frozen chicken products to Hong Kong.

The main activity of the company Frozen  is the production and sale of high quality peeled chicken paws. 


Chicken paws are a good natural source of chondroitin and glucosamine, both of which have been proven to support healthy joints. They widely in demand in production of delicious and healthy food. They also used as diet food for dogs.

Our Grade A and Grade B chicken paws are without yellow skin.  Besides of quality and reliability, we keep our prices pleasantly low. 


All products are certified and meet safety requirements, meet international quality standards - HACCP & ISO.


- Whole Chicken with and Without Giblets 
- Whole Boneless Chicken - Shawarma  
- Whole Chicken Breast Bone-in Skin-on  
- Whole Chicken Breast Boneless Skinless  
- Chicken Breast Halves Boneless Skinless  
- Chicken Leg Boneless Skin-on  
- Chicken Thigh Boneless Skin-on  
- Chicken Thigh Boneless Skinless  
- Chicken Leg Quarter  
- Chicken Drumstick Bone-in Skin-on  
- Chicken Thigh Bone-in Skin-on 
- Chicken 3 Joint Wings  
- Chicken Chicken Middle Joint Wings  
- Chicken Wingstick (Drumettes)  
- Chicken Breast Cartilage (Yagen)  
- Chicken Paw              
- Chicken Feet 


 Product : Processed Grade ''A'' Frozen Chicken Feet

- Product origin: Brazil

- Loading port: Santos. Brazil

- Delivery time: Asia 28– 35 days maximum.

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